2016 中文教学国际会议

Saturday, October 29, 2016


Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016
College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts, USA

The 5th Annual Conference of the NECLTA-International Conference on Learning and Teaching Chinese Language and Culture

Conference theme: “Teaching Chinese in the 21st Century”


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Keynote Speaker, Dr. Michael Everson
Dr. Michael Everson is Associate Professor Emeritus from the U of Iowa, where he was involved in Foreign Language and ESL Education and managed K-12 teacher certification programs for 8 foreign languages including Chinese. His research on literacy development among CFL learners has appeared in a variety of journals and book collections, with his most recently co-edited publications being “Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language: Theories and Applications” published by Cheng & Tsui, and "Research among Learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language” published by the National Foreign Language Research Center at The University of Hawaii.

Dr. Everson is one of the lead designers of “Read Chinese!” an online reading project designed for high school learners of Chinese. He has served on a number of boards having to do with strategic planning initiatives for Chinese language education, such as the STARTALK program for Chinese language teacher development. He is also active with a number of organizations including the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) where he served as Managing Editor, Foreign Language Annals, the Asia Society, the Chinese Language Teachers Association, and the National Foreign Language Center to further Chinese language education in the United States, and currently, the Asia Society’s Celin (Chinese Early Language and Immersion Network) project.  He was the lead author of the Celin white paper “Developing Early Literacy in Chinese” published this year (2016) and a co-author of the StarTalk white paper, “Guiding Principles for Early Literacy Experiences for Beginning Learners of Chinese”, by H. Curtain, M. Everson, C. Kotenbeutel, Y. King, M. Lavadenz, P. Liu, and C. Ross, Commissioned by the National Foreign Language Center, The University of Maryland, as a resource for StarTalk programs.

Conference Program:
08:00-09:00     Registration and Vendor Hours
09:00-09:30     Opening Remarks:        Co-Chairs:         President Remarks:
09:30-10:30     Keynote Speaker: Professor Michael Everson
10:30-10:50     Break  



K-12 workshop:


Strengthening Student Outcomes with the Can-Do Statements

Yu-lan Lin

In this session, participants will be introduced to the Can-Do Statements published by the NCSSFL-ACTFL as a useful classroom resource in curriculum and lesson planning. Through a deeper understanding of the Can-Do Statements, and their alignment with the World-Readiness Learning Standards, teachers will be able to set long-term, or short-term daily instructional goals in all three modes of communication and in all four language skills at targeted specific levels of proficiency.

Weina Zhao
Wellesley College


Discussions on Writing Teaching Methodologies in Chinese Classes
Yi Li, Caiju Wen
University of Pennsylvania


A Semantic and Discourse Analysis of Qishi and Shishishang in Chinese and Its Pedagogical Implications
National Taiwan Normal University/College of the Holy Cross

George Washington University

Zhou Shao
University of Rhode Island

Applying Learning Models in Designing a Weekly Schedule for First-Year Chinese
Lulei Su
College of the Holy Cross

Jiehua Wan
University of Rhode Island

What Should I Teach When I Have the Freedom to Teach What I am Passionate About?
Maria S. Kubiske
The Dalton School

12:05-1:00 lunch


K-12 Panel: What you don't know about Google Chrome
Star Lew, Ming Lu
Newton North High School

This workshop will explore how to leverage Chrome for collaboration and learn strategies for incorporating them into the curriculum. During the workshop, the instructors will introduce some useful Apps and Add-ons that will bring our understanding and utilization of Chrome to a whole new level.

Chinese as a Second Language Pronunciation Teaching Survey
Chunsheng Yang
University of Connecticut


Games in the Secondary Classroom
Erica Pollard, Lan Cheng
Hingham High School
Christina Yuan, Ethical Culture Fieldston School (NY)

The Acquisition of Chinese Blade-palatal /zh/, /ch/, /sh/ by Japanese Students Learning Chinese as a Second Language
Yangzi Ye
Brown University

Lei Yang
University of Pennsylvania

Battling Negative Transfer of American English
Yu Luo Rioux
UMass Lowell


The Effect of a Third Language on Previous Acquired Languages —Evidence from Visual Recognition
Danwei Li
Brown University

Researching L2 teachers’ beliefs: A review of current studies on native Chinese-speaking teachers’ language teaching beliefs
Ying Zhang
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

2:15-2:30 break


AP Related Issues
Congmin Zhao
Benjamin Reitz
Baozhang He


Using Software to Understand text Before Class Time
Emmanuel Roche, Tong Chen
Gammakite and MIT

Analysis of Errors in Reading and Pedagogical Strategies
Min Wan
Tufts University

Kang Zhou

An Easy Way to Create Pedagogical Media for Hybrid Courses: Lightboard
Weibing Ye
University of Notre Dame

严蕾  Mount Holyoke College
孙鸿运  Boston University
Dartmouth College

Teaching Xiyouji to American College Students
Ji Hao
College of the Holy Cross

Developing an Effective Accelerated Online Chinese Course for Novice Learners
I-Ling Hsu
University of Rhode Island




Proficiency-based Teaching and Assessment of Listening and Speaking in CFL Classrooms
Yu Wu (吴瑜) University of Rhode Island


Qifan Ding

3:45-4:00 Break


Technology Use in A Summer Immersion Program
Wayne He, Xiaoyan Hu, Qingyu Yang, Ai Chang Guo
University of Rhode Island

A Reflection on Classroom Practice in a Chinese Writing System Class
Cheng-Fu Chen
Framingham State University


An Integrated Approach to Chinese Language Learning
Congmin Zhao, Haibo Hu, Jie Ying,
Harvard University, Phillips Academy Andover

Optimizing the Character Load in a Beginning level Chinese Course
Claudia Ross
College of the Holy Cross

韩越粤学生在汉语语音学习中的特点,困难和纠正方法 -- UMass Boston 教学案例
Xu Guo Chan & Huiying Ma
U Mass Boston

Using an Economics Experiment as a Performance Task in Chinese Class
Jeffrey McCreight
Worcester Academy

Designing Challenging and Practical Group to Motivate Chinese Learners
Nan Meng
University of Connecticut

Meixiu Li
Beijing Language and Culture University & UMass Amherst

范雅婷(Yating Fan)
Harvard University

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