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New England Chinese Language Teachers Association PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP

Thursday, May25, 2023 7:30-9:30 pm (EST)

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Challenges and Possibilities for Anti-Racism through

Chinese Language Teaching in K-12 Schools 

By Wenhao Diao 刁文豪, University of Arizona


This workshop will begin with a presentation that is based on a research study of over two hundred K-12 Chinese language teachers from across the U.S. Set mostly in 2021, when there was a widespread surge of anti-Asian violence, this mixed-methods project directs our attention to the experience with race and racialization of Chinese language teachers in a particular moment. In this workshop, our focus will be on the interviews and journal data collected from 27 Chinese teachers, who were selected as a representative sample from the larger participant pool. The data highlights themes that emerged, emphasizing the intersectionality between Chinese language teaching, nation, ethnicity, and race in these teachers’ professional work. While some teachers reported racial hostility during the Covid-19 crisis, others described exclusion and excessive scrutiny as a part of their everyday struggle that predated the pandemic.

The first part of the presentation will be followed by a breakout discussion, providing opportunities for in-service teachers to share and reflect on their own professional experiences with racialization and coping strategies. After this reflective dialogue, the second part of the presentation will focus on how the teachers in the research described these racial challenges as opportunities for designing and implementing racially inclusive language pedagogies. By analyzing teaching strategies from the research findings, we will consider how Chinese language teaching can become a possible venue through which we can conduct social justice work. The workshop will then move to group work to identify intra- and extra- curricular opportunities and design anti-racist pedagogical practices in Chinese language education. The goal of this workshop is to dovetail with the ongoing discussion on anti-racist possibilities in and through language education in K-16 schools.

About Dr. Wenhao Diao 刁文豪

Dr. Wenhao Diao is an Associate Professor in the Department of East Asian Studies and an affiliated faculty member in the interdisciplinary graduate program of Second Language Acquisition and Teaching at the University of Arizona. She is the founding co-Director of the Center for East Asian Studies, a Title VI National Resource Center supported by the US Department of Education, at the University of Arizona. As an applied linguist, Dr. Diao is interested in the identities, ideologies, and (in)equities that Chinese language learning and teaching (re)produce and (re)distribute. Her research articles have appeared in leading journals such as Applied Linguistics, Modern Language Journal, System, among others. With her colleagues in the field, she has published an edited book titled Language Learning in Study Abroad: The Multilingual Turn (Multilingual Matters, 2021) and a guest edited special issue themed Study Abroad in the 21st Century for the L2 Journal in 2016. She was awarded a Fulbright-Hays grant in 2017 for a project that connected American K-16 educators with their peers in China.


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